Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ralph Steadman

He tweeted this photo. Look at the laptop's screen you can see my face. Lols. 

Ralph Steadman ni seorang pelukis yang terkemuka dalam abad ni.
Hari jummat haritu saya and kawan2 skype dengan dia dekat lecture theater and saya tanya la soalan.

Me: Oh how do you overcome your mistakes in your work as I am aware that you don't use Photoshop?

Then he shouted at my face 'I TOLD YOU THERE ARE NO MISTAKES', 'Do not rubber it out, you should use white paint or something to cover it up, so it will be a part of your artwork', 'mistakes are good as you are communicating with your artwork...' 

He gave me pretty good advices. Thank you Steadman.
Here some of his work 'Steadman'

Ada orang suruh saya tulis pasal dia kat blog saya ni.
So, Hi kamu.

The End.

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