Sunday, 20 April 2014

Well Hello Deadlines

OUIL401- 40% done - Deadline 8th May
OUIL402 - 90% done - Deadline : 22nd April OUIL403 - 0% done - Starting this Tuesday OUIL404 - 95% done - Deadline : 22nd April OUIL406 - 75% done - Deadline : 1st May I just realised that I got a crits for OUIL401 next week and I have done none. NONE. Argh, well done Zatul Iffah Fakharuldin. This is because I have been focusing on OUIL404 for these past 3 weeks. -..- Krohh krohhhhh.

I really need to create a to do list.
Unconscious but InsyaAllah manageable

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