Sunday, 6 October 2013


Last week, I went to IIUM Gombak for their KAEDfest13 (Kulliyah Architecture and Enviromental Design Festival 2013) and I would say this is one of the highlight of my summer holiday activity. 

Surrounded by other KAED students make me feel happy and happy and happy. Flashmob ni sebenarnye by art student dkt UIA tetibe ade sorang budak art dari UK tersesat join the flasmob (saya la tu). hihihi .

Actually this was my first time went to IIUM as when I was young I really want to study here but what to do, Allah campakan saya di United Kingdom. But Alhamdullillah I am happy, very happy. 

I can spot me and kak fiza ! !

Seriously you guys yang ada dekat area Gombak, sila pergi festival ini ya. Can't wait to go to KAEDfest next year ! !

At last, saya jumpa jugak Kakak Fiza :-)

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