Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cambridge here I come !

Yes Zatul, please be yourself, I know you can do this.
I bet tomorrow going to be a very long tiring day.
I'm off to Cambridge tomorrow morning via train at 0915,
on the afternoon I have an university interview at 1320.
(Anglia Ruskin University dalam bidang BA (Hons) in Illustration)

Train back to Leeds 1615 and will be arriving Leeds at 1915
Sementara tunggu train, kita jenjalan Cambridge ! 
After that I have to work for 2 hours
Go home, guarantee pengsan.

Plus my A3 portfolio is so heavy, I did not expect that it gonna be that heavy.
Nasib tak beli A2 size.PHEWW

O Allah, lend me some strengths. 

*I love to travel and explore a new place.
Kalau sesat? Tanya je orang sekeliling. hihi.

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