Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nouman Ali Khan nak datang UK weh !

Guess what.
Nouman Ali Khan nak datang UK *nangis*.
Saya nak pergi talk beliau yang dekat Birmingham tapi semua kawan saya nak pergi talk dekat Manchester. Wuwuwuw.

Saya nak pergi yang dekat Birmingham sebab tajuk dia best ! Tajuk nya 'Young and courages'. Semua kawan2 saya nak pergi yang dekat Manchester sebab Manchester lagi dekat dengan Leeds =.=

So sekarang, saya confuse. Hmm. Tak kan nak pergi Birminham sorang diri. I might just go Manchester kut.. better than nothing. Macam, bila lagi nak dengar talk dr Nauman Ali Khan yang live punya tu kalau bukan sekarang.

Bagi sapa yang tak tahu, Nouman Ali Khan ni pendakwah yang hebat, sangat hebat. Pergi la search beliau kat Youtube. Serious  best kut !

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Al-Manar said...

Personally, a person with high education, used to doingt research work and with the availabole materials on almost anything, shoud not be so obsessed with any particular 'pendakwah'. With a cool head and suitable environments I find no better way of learning something on religion or otherwise than picking a right book or two and sit to compare what the two writers say. Many get mersmeised by acts and words of a 'pendakwah', losing the gists nd contents. Some are ready . Why. why,why ? Research brings truth, not the hot airs around it.