Monday, 13 January 2014

Manchester Airport

Teringat time nak balik Malaysia haritu.
Macam biasa la naik dari Manchester Airport dan turun dekat KLIA

Then time nak security check tu...
Ermm, security guard tu cakap

Security guy : Okay you need to take off your scarf
Me: What? Like now? Here? but why? *Buat muka tak bersalah dan confuse
Security guy : Because you have to.
Me : Yeah but why?
Security guy : It's not a part of religion right?
Me : Yes it is
Security guy : What religion is it then? You have to take it off.
Me : I am a Muslim. There is also a Muslim lady over there, she even wearing a veil. But they didn't told her off
Security guy : Well then, I'll let you off

Luruh jantung weh. But alhamdulillah I won !
7 months to go.

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