Friday, 24 January 2014


One day in far far away there is a girl called Zatul Iffah Fakharuldin, who are working really hard for OUIL405 (deadline soon. ZzzZZ)
But one day she got bored and tired because she did so much work. 
One of her hobby is sewing. She loves making her own clothes e.g. dresses, skirts and hijabs. She always do some sewing whenever she was in Malaysia but not in the United Kingdom because she left her sewing machine at Malaysia. Sob sob.
She miss sewing.
She went on Argos and Ebay to see some sewing machine but she got no money. *Ouch*

So she decided to go to the LCA library to borrow some books that related to dressmaking. 

Anyway, and guess what. She have borrowed these two books called 'The DressMaker's Technique Bible' and 'Dressmaking: The Complete Set-By-Step Guide'. 
She started to get really into it. These two books are amazing.  
She have gained so much knowledge about dressmaking just by reading this book.
Now.. she can't wait to receive her scholarship money so she can buy a new sewing machine and a new MacBook !


I still remember when I saw that  'Dressmaking: The Complete Set-By-Step Guide' book at The Works, it was so expensive and I have been dying to read this book ever since and now one of my dreams has came true.

I Am One Happy Girl 

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