Monday, 2 December 2013

Someone confessed to me.

Few days ago a senior of mine from ED graphics confessed that he fancy me.
And I was like 'Oh My Gad'

I thought I am invisible from men !

Let's call him... Peter. Peter is pure British, English.


Here our little conversation.

Me : I cover all my body, I wear big clothes. I am asian and religious. How can I be attractive to you?
Peter : You're always happy and very pretty.


I was speechless for a second. 
Me and Peter have been friends ever since. So I don't know.
He's only Peter. I mean he probably messing around even though he keep saying he's serious.

In conclusion : Guys don't like girls because they are pretty, it could be of her character, fashion or.. i don't know.. intelligence? . Yeah. 

Welcome to other side of the world pal.
Bless him.

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