Sunday, 27 October 2013

Leeds College of Art, BA (Hons) in Illustration

Soon I will be starting my degree course at Leeds College of Art, Ba (Hons) in Illustration. Okay I am actually a month behind compared to other students but hopefully I can catch up with them. ZzzZzzzZzz

Last week, I received an email saying my course leader called Fred. He told me to finish off my summer project -_- mateee, well I started it, but still I do really need to start crack on.

He also gave me a list things to buy e.g. books and materials. Oh yeah I also need to inform them when will I be in college and so on.

What else... so yeah.

I really miss that moment when I really passion with graphic design and drawing.


Today will be my last day in Kuala Terengganu as tomorrow I will be going to Kuala Lumpur then Batu Pahat, Johor then Kuala Lumpur again.

Okay bye salam. I really do need to clean up all my stuff. Aaaaaa ! !  (screams)

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