Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Why am I not British?

Sometimes I wonder, Why am I not British? why god decided to create me as Malaysian rather than British? Why I wasn't born as British citizen? Because I am jealous with all my English friends as they can continue their degree as easy as ABC.

They went on UCAS>interviews>applied student loan then BAM ! go on degree course to whatever uni they wanted to.

But me, why, why is it so difficult for me to continue my study at degree level?

I know, I know yeah there will be lots of hikmahs behind this. As if I was born as British citizen, I won't be in this situation or I won't know this 'feeling' or I might not knowing who is Allah. Nuazubillah.

I am just sad and stressing out.
Oh Allah my lord, please help me.

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Sumaiyah binti Ibrahim said...

Banyak2 kan doa dkt Allah. 'After a hurricane comes a rainbow'. Just kita kne yakin dgn Allah bcoz Allah tahu apa yg terbak untuk kita. Mungkin Allah nk tgk kita dktkn diri dgn Allah ke x bila kita diuji..hmm.. wish you all the best k.zatul..!