Monday, 5 August 2013


Lately I have been itikaf at the mosque. It was one of the most amazing ramadhan memory, ever. As I met new muslims with different backgrounds, skin colours, countries and sizes.

I met a girl called Sajedah and she is a Palestinian. Okay Palestine devied into 2 parts, West Bank and Gaaza. She is from West Back.

Sajedah said 'I went to West Bank for a visit like 5 years ago and girls who wearing throusers were stand out as most girls wearing abaya (Jubah). Bust 2 years ago I went to West Bank again, and girls who wearing abaya stand out'

I was shock and speechless.

She said to me, once when she was there, someone asked her 'Where are you come from?' as she wore an abaya and it rare to see a Palestinean girl wearing an abaya at West Bank.

'Recendly, the first night club at West Bank launched and now boys in West Bank busy building their body whild girls busy with what they wear, make up and modeling '

How sad?
What happened to these people?
Too many things to do, I mean inving people to Islam.

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