Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello Famalam.

Armly Mills 2011.

Hello my dear ED Graphics people/famalams,
How are you doing? Do you miss me? hehe. Don't you think time went pretty fast for the last 2 years? I would say so. I still can't believe that we have less than a week together. Sobss. I'm wondering if we are going to meet each other again even after we all going to university.

I think these two years in ED are the best education years ever because.. well firstly, studying graphic design was one of my dream. Second, you guys is the best. Even though you all keep picking on me but you still made my days. When I got mad or sad, you guys have cheered me up automatically, without I even realised.

Did you know that when we was in the first year, everyday I made myself a target. For example on Monday I have to make sure that I talk to Matt and Gabby or before Christmas I will making sure that I have at least 15 of you on my facebook account and so on. Lol.

I still remember the first smile that Hannah Mariott gave it to me at the cafe, Blenheim Walk. I still remember when the first time I talked to Oli ( we were having a conversation about his breakfast from Greggs about a feet long baguette when we were on the way to Armley Mills museum). I still remember the first time I talk to Sarah W at the cafe, Blenheim walk. I was well scared and asked about her bag if she drew the pattern herself.

This Friday is the day 21.06.2013. Graduation day. Hmm, I still don't know what to wear and I still need to finish off my leavers ball dress -_- . I probably going to bring my DSLR so we can take the LAST ED Graphics group photos together.

You guys probably bored already with this long piece of writing with lots of grammatical error. Okay bye now.

Lots of loves,

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