Thursday, 14 March 2013

Love you forever.

Jack: I'm sorry Zatul, you came at the wrong time
Me: What are they talking about?
Dom: This film called ******** but I'm don't recommended you to watch.
Me: Why? because it's rude?
Dom: Yes.
Elliott: Don't say that in front of Zatul, we meant to keep her pure ! !
Me: What you watching?
Elliott: This documentary called ******. But it not suitable for you, Zatul
Harry: Yes Zatul, go do something else, just go on facebook or go eat your lunch.
Me: -_- Okay.

( sometimes they driving me mad because I can't watch what they're watching in our studio)
Connor: Do you want some Harribo
Me: Is it vegetarian?
Connor: Let me see.. Hurmm, Ops sorry.

( My friends tend to read the ingredients before offer me their food or if they knew the food got gelatin on it, they just not gonna offer me at all)
Me: From bottom of your heart, do you think I should go to Fay's house?
Harry: I don't know 'Tool, coz I don't want you to be around people you don't know, I don't think you going to enjoy at Fay's and I don't know what going to happen over there.
Me: I bet there going to be rude stuffs going on.
Harry: Yup.
Me: So shall I not go then?
Harry: Just don't go.
( 'Tool is my nickname)
Fay: Don't worry Zatul, I won't be drinking. We going to drink orange juice together.

I love my Graphics friends, you're the best ever ever ever ! !
I wish I could stay with you even longer.
No I wish we could stay forever not only in the earth but in heaven as well :'(
3 months left with them :'(

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, they who are not yet muslims are more understanding than muslims. You're lucky. :)