Monday, 18 March 2013

A long skirt

Recently I have been wearing skirt most of the time at college.
I thought no one gonna realise about it, but suddenly

Connor : Zatul, I realised that you have been wearing different clothes that you usually do.
Me : Errr, I'm actually sick and tired of wearing the same clothes. So basically I'm changing my style.
Connor : You do got a lot of money
Me : I bought them all in January sale. This skirt, only cost me £3
Conner : Wow ! Very bargain.

Sometimes i feel like 'Isk aku ni buang tebiat' ke as hari ni snow + pakai a long skirt. So not like me (sangat bukan diri saya). But hey, actually wearing a skirt is warmer than wearing a jean itself ( well actually I'm wearing a jean and a long skirt at the same time)

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jeBateja said...

Itu belum masuk but separas pinggang lagik...ahakz