Saturday, 2 February 2013

Passions, interests and curiosity

On Wednesday night, Anglia Ruskin ada email saya satu leaflet. Dia cakap lebih kurang macam ni
'bring something that you passions, interests and curiosity you that have got nothing to do with the course that you're applying'

And I was like, alamak. ape aku punya passions, interests and curiosity. Pastu saye duk tanye la kawan2 dan cikgu2. Ade yang cakap 'only you can answer that', 'what do you always do when you got free time?'

Saya macam 'errrr, I don't know.' It took me more than 3 hours to realise that saya interested in photography.

C'mon Zatul, use your brain.

1 comment:

Syazana Zainn said...

photography = art


nnt story la lg bout ur passion :D