Monday, 7 January 2013


Dear my only little sister.

I honestly would totally 10000000%  agree with you when you told emak that studying in SMAKL is extremely hard. Hey even me, I always got number yang nak dekat last last on exams or tests but I survived and HAPPPPPPY. (Probably because i couldn't be bothered to study and got lots of friends) 

For your information, this is typical sekolah agama in Malaysia, you have to hafaz a lot, staying up a lot but you know, you just got back from the UK, what you expect?. Sekejap je susah, kejap lagi senang la.

I know you got a better brain than me and a much better brain compare to this guy who always got number 1 in every single tests or exams in my class (in SRIQ and SMAKL). I don't know how  he managed to maintain getting number 1 all the time but yeah. Anyway..

So please don't let me, mak and our family down and I know you can knock their socks OFF ! !

Your sister who miss having arguments with you.
Zaza xxxxx


Stazel // Fieq said...

awww so the cutest lah~

Anonymous said...

i don't remember smakl being such a typical sekolah agama in malaysia.. has it been changed that much??