Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hunger Game + Monday

I just bought a whole set of  The Hunger Game novels last week on friday and I can't wait to read them since i bought them online, I have to wait for them geetting shipped and everything. 

I already watch the movie for more than 5 times and now it's time for me to read the novels.
Well, I know I should've read the novels first but, yeah. No wrong answers.


Cerita hari isnin.
By the way, my tutor called Andy willing to lend me  a laptop for the whole year.
Unexpectable, I mean very unthinkable.
As this year students not allowed to borrow them out of college, suprisingly...
Alhamdulilah, Allah knows best.

Our conversation:
Me: Hi Andy, Can I ask you a weird question.
Andy : Well then if you ask me a weird quention, I am afraid that I'm gonna give you a weird answer[laugh]
Me: But anyway, I was thinking if the college would fancy to sale me a laptop?
Andy: No.
-Me Away away, out of the office
Andy: Why?
Me: I was looking a cheap laptop, like the one you've got as I haven't got any laptop to work with at home.
-Andy's searching some laptops prizes on the internet
Andy: You know what, I'll lend you one.
Me : What, really? For the  whole year.
Anddy: Yes.
Me: Are you serious? * Me, can't stop smiling*
Andy: Yes. Just don't break them.
Me: When can you give it to me?
Andy: *Thinking*
Me: Tomorrow maybe?
Andy: I'll get you now.
Me: Thank yoooooooooooooooooooou.

Tapi kena ingat jugak. Nikmat pon dugaan jugak.
This tutor just made my day !

By the way, yesterday is Andy's birthday.
Happy Belated birthday !


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