Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mussy By Mussy

He is writing me a postcard.

This is my senior, Mustafa or Mussy.
I gave him a postcard then he decided to gave me one too by...
robbed MY postcard that I brought to college
and MY pen to write the message.

Then gave it back to me - the postcard and the pen.


I'm just kidding, you are always cool. 

And he even told me to read the postcard at home ! 

Grrr, this is killing me.

Right after I  got home [18:36],
I opened my backpack straight away then booyah !

His message made me smile :-)

I also gave some postcards to Sophie, Marc, Andy, Omair, Safir and Alice

See you in University of Huddersfield (Maybe, nah not really) 

I still remember when you called me ZUTAL. Funny moment.
My name is ZATUL mate :-)

1 comment:

izzah said...

hg selalu ask akk utk komen

i'm komen now sementara tga free ni..

hye ZUTAL :D